Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Homework Assignment

Our first homework assignment, just three simple exercises writing Russian the Russian alphabet in cursive - and not even all of it.  Well, that was the first exercise (writing about 10 letters, upper and lower case, three times each.  The second was combining two letters in cursive, twice each.  The third was writing about 13 words, once each.  Simple?  Well, mostly.  Of course, I waited until the day before it's due - and I work on the day of class, basically up until class, so I had no choice except to do the homework today.  My excuse was that I thought the homework really was simple, but I'm a perfectionist, so I erased my first letter half a dozen times until I was satisfied with it.  Then, instead of writing "za" in cursive twice, I started writing "za - az," "na - an" because that is how much of our pronunciation practice is laid out.  Two lines were wasted because of that.  Tomorrow's class needs to go better than homework - that's all I'm saying.

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