Friday, September 30, 2011

Bored in Russian Class Already

Меня зовут Катерина, Как Вас зовут?

After Wednesday's class, I remembered why I had such a hard time with Russian the first go around.  It's not the first language I'm learning.  The alphabet - while the Cyrillic is new to me, the phonetics are not - I can pronounce anything in Russian just fine (even if sometime I struggle knowing when an "o" is an o and not an "ah").  If I hear it, I can say it.  I know the numbers, the basics are the same as Czech.  Plus right now she's teaching us all the words that sound similar to English, like motor, television, tourist, ozone, ocean, etc.  I get it, I know it's for the people who have never learned another language, and to give everyone nice familiarity with Russian and the alphabet.  I'm just sooo bored!  My homework, such as it is: #1: Write out some letters of the alphabet, in cursive, three times each.  #2: Write out some combinations of letters twice each.  #3: Write out some words - once each.
Yet now, I'm an adult, I should have the patience of one while taking the class.  When I was a kid, 19, 20 years old, I wanted to jump ahead to stuff I didn't know, and I didn't have the fortitude to stick with it through the "stale" parts.  Hopefully, this time around, I will.

On the way home from class, I was trying to decide if this plan of mine was helping make me less homesick - or was backfiring on me and making me even more homesick for Czech.  Jury's still out, but I think it's making me more homesick.  We'll see.  If so, is there anything I can do about it, except hurt inside?  I don't have much hope - I think by going back to school I might have caused a bigger problem than I originally had.

Homework over the weekend.  After that - take note of where things stand and go from there.

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