Friday, January 13, 2012

Hardest Russian Class Ever (Homesick)

Class on Wednesday made me the most homesick I think I've ever been, except on Dmitri's last day.  

We learned maybe ten new verbs and the conjugation is about what we've learned before.  Realistically, I'm not sure what made me so trippy.  It could be that the word "to write" is virtually the same in Czech as it is in Russian, and even the way they conjugate it is similar.  To make it easier, I'm transliterating the Cyrillic into the roman alphabet.

To write:

  • psát
  • pisatʹ  (писать)

I write:
  • píšu
  • ya pishu ( я пишу)

So the infinitive is a little different, but the conjugation is similar enough, especially in first person, except of course, Czechs don't have to say "I, you, we," etc... and Russians do use the pronouns.  But even when Czechs do use the word "I",    or the Russians, я they are both pronounced "ya."  So maybe there were more of these similarities, or even maybe so many were different that something just pulled at me.  All I know is suddenly I wanted to be speaking Czech again instead of Russian.

Of course, I do still want to learn Russian, and seeing no other Czech people have popped up for me to continue to study Czech, as well as the fact that I am getting college credit for this class, I will continue on : - )  The holiday on Monday prevents class from being held at college, but our group is once again getting together at the Green Dragon - my side of town again, yay!

No final to study for yet, but I did request that we bring flash cards of all the new verbs and conjugations that we were introduced to on Wednesday.  Like I've mentioned in earlier posts, I knew this term I would actually have to study.  Thus it begins...

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