Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything's Changed in Russian 103

Hmm...where to start?  Different teacher, classmates, homework, grades, tests, small classes, summer classes, everything.

At the end of the second week of the term we received an email that notified us that A2 was no longer our teacher and A1 would be coming back.  Mind you, I complained a little of A2's style, etc, but I had just been getting used to her, and was definitely used to the idea of A1 being gone for the term.  So this was quite the shock.  Actually, I was so surprised that I called H, because I knew H doesn't forward her school email to her personal email, so we both gabbed about the change and how surprised we were about it.

But then the next week I was sick on Monday and Wednesday I went to my five year anniversary dinner at work, so I missed A1's first week return back, and thus started my slow fall behind in class.  The next week I said hello with passion to A1 to welcome her back and get the ball rolling.  Even if our classes are small (maybe 10 people per class) and I'm not sure we've had everyone in class at the same time since the beginning of term.

Let me say now, we got our six week evaluations last week and in my opinion, I should not have the grade I have in Russian 103 so far.  She gave me an A-, and I'm missing four homework assignments and I got an C on my last test (and that was being nice).  I know the nouns okay, but the new verbs are killing me, and the reflexive verbs I'm not sure I ever knew.

Oh, and speaking of tests (I sort of mentioned one last paragraph) we have an all inclusive test coming up next week.  It includes every very we've ever learned, knowing the infinitive and how to conjugate them.  Gah!  That's about 30 verbs and three different styles of verbs, Type I, Type I, Type Ia, etc...not that you know what I'm talking about, but, I know what I'm talking about, and some of you out there do....Oh, and we have to pass this test with a B or above to pass the class to get to Russian 201, which I fully intend on taking next year.

Not that I don't want to speak Czech anymore either, I do.  In fact, I'm going home in September, and I spoke with A1 because she has a Czech friend who agreed to meet with me and talk Czech with me so I could refresh some of my Czech.  Well, I tried the email that A1 gave me and it came back doesn't exist.  So I tried several different things, and now I'm waiting on A1 to get back to me, and she's waiting on her CZL friend to get back to her.  I'm on pins and needles.  I want to speak Czech with a native again so badly to know if taking Russian has helped or hurt my Czech terribly.

Assuming I cram enough to pass this test that I would get a C on right now (and that's being nice, the problem isn't that I can't speak's that I can't it for the life of me) I'm also planning on taking A's summer class.  It's a once a week grammar/phonetics class that will ensure I don't forget everything I've learned this year between June and September.  I look forward to the more relaxed/fun atmosphere and also focusing on some phonetics.

Oh!  And I'd forgotten Czech has the same thing, but dang - Russian too!?  Imperfective and perfective!  Really?!  Two different forms of the verb that mean the same thing only totally not.  Don't worry, I won't explain.  It would only make your head hurt.  The only reason it didn't make my head hurt was because I learned the concept in Czech without even knowing I was studying it, so now I know the concept.  Yay, more memorization.  At least I don't have to conjugate in present tense.

Now that we've established that I'm just out of my mind and all over the place right now - I'll sign off.  Just needed to vent a little bit, and catch everyone up; it's been quite awhile since my last Second Chance or Second post.  Take care.

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