Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finishing Homework an Accomplishment?

It's kinda sad that I'm only a week into Russian 103 and I'm already thinking that completing my homework is some great achievement.  Don't take this the wrong way - Out of all of my homework assignments from Russian 101 and 102, I only missed one assignment.  It's just right now with having two terms under my belt and starting off so fast - having this homework done feels like a big deal.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that oh, btw, first day of the second week of classes we have an "in class writing assignment."  First day of the second week, really?  Well, okay, I'll deal.  Maybe it would help if I hadn't had a hetic weekend and all.  You know, Easter weekend so we drove up to Seattle (and back) on Saturday to spend a couple (maybe few) hours with my brother and his wife and my mom and her husband, and then head back.  Yeah, almost the whole (gorgeous, beautiful day) spent in a car.  Oh, well, got to see the family.

Oh, and if you're interested, I'm going back home soon, back to Czech - I posted about it in another blog of mine called writer i was.

I'll let you know (maybe) how I do on my in class writing (I'm nervous, yes, the words for the colors are far too close to Czech for comfort).  And catch up on other stuff later.  A2 isn't terribly bad, she's just way different, but I will tell you I needed that rant from last week.

Take care and until then.

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