Friday, September 23, 2011

Call Me Nervous

During my visit to campus, I purchased the "books" that I would need for class.  The main text book is in all actuality just a huge print out with a three hole punch and loosely brought together with one pin.  This book cost about $42.00.  The workbook is about half to a quarter of the size and cost about half that.  So naturally, a student has to go to an office supply store (the bookstore didn't have what I was looking for - I like the flexible kind) to purchase more items - three ring binders and some inserts.  Heavy duty "books."  All this and I still need to find my Air Force shoulder bag that my aunt got me years ago so I can have something to put all these bags in and not look ridiculous.

One evening this week as I was looking through my main Russian text book I was muttering at it in Czech. Lovely, I know how to read and almost write in printed Cyrillic, but now they want me to write in cursive?  I can't even write English in cursive!  Then, reading the rules of the pronunciation, I wanted to cry...a is pronounced "ah" unless x, y or z, and then it it said "uh."  Really?  Czech is so phonetical - a is always "ah" unless it has a line indicating that it is a long and then it's just a longer "ah."  So there *sigh*.  And this is only the alphabet and pronunciation, not even getting into how the grammar differs.  But hey - I signed up for it.

My evening parking pass has come in the mail, yay - one more step accomplished.  Really, is it Monday that classes start?  Maybe it's another week away, and then another?  Doubtful.

In related news - my transcript from my first college was finally - how do you call it, evaluated - and they accepted 42 out of 48 of my original credits.  I think only one Political Science class and some random debate one off credits weren't accepted.  Now I'm just nervous about looking to see how close/far I am from actually obtaining any sort of degree.  Guess we'll find out.

My next post will likely be after my very first class on Monday - or even slightly before, when I'm freaking out about it.  Wish me luck!


  1. You will do fantastic! I'm so proud of you. :-)

  2. Good Luck!
    You'll do great; don't over-think it. Mood and outlook have a LOT to do with performance. Just look at your Patriots over the last two weeks.

  3. Yeah, so long as I don't look at Patriots week three, lol! Thanks for the votes of confidence though, guys!