Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Tape

After one aborted visited - we were ready to go, but then checked the hours and the bookstore and offices were closed, we finally went on Wednesday.  This time my husband made me drive.  While I have to cross the bridge to the other side of down, it's a bridge I don't mind, and the route he showed me is simple.  Campus, however is not.  When my husband announced we'd be parking in the "free" spots this time, I went "what?!"  When I went to school I didn't have to pay to park at a community college.  Now, I never went to this particular one, but still.  Rip off.
Why does college feel like it's filled with so much red tape?    First thing we did was show Admissions my marriage certificate so I could get my name changed.  Fairly short line, and the paperwork was fast.  As we went back and forth to two different areas, I told my husband that I hate college already and he replied "no, you just hate bureaucracy."  We had to go to a different area..what is it, the Records/Advisers people(?) to get my transcript stuff started. Got that printed out (pleasant surprise to remember I had gotten pretty darn good grades my first year in school).  Chatted with an adviser and that didn't take long either (of course, school's not in session yet...she mentioned I should go back over to Admissions and at least declare a general studies degree since that would me with the pecking order when registering in later terms.  So I did.  

On our way over to the bookstore went walked by what will be my classroom in just over a week.  It has some Cyrillic writing on it and I was please with my ability to recognize it - then again it was rather basic - Russian Language - it said.  Also still intimidates me with the unspoken characters, it's why I so much prefer Czech.  The only real mistakes I made when writing Czech was knowing if it was an "i" or a "y" and if it was a long or a short vowel.  But hey - why am I being all nervous before I begin again?

It was fun being back in a campus bookstore, even if I didn't go browse the history section.  We went straight to the modern language section.  The main "books" they're using are just print outs written by the local professors I think.  I get to buy notebooks myself to bind them.  And they still charge $41 for the main book - yay!  And there's a separate workbook too!  With the supplemental books I was ahead of the game a little, like I had mentioned before.  The edition I  have is correct.  Now I can't wait to go to Office Max to pick up a couple binders, notebooks and some extra pens.  

Maybe now I can even talk my husband into the new laptop we both need since his is dying. school clothes too?  ; - ) Nervous is still me, but let's get this started!

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