Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Quite the End of Russian 101

How did this term end, you ask?

Well, I haven't received my final grade yet, nor have I gotten back my last homework corrections or the last homework assignment that I did end up turning in late.  Nor did I get my grade on my family presentation, but I'm not worried about that, I had an awesome visual aid; pictures pulled from Facebook (a lifesaver if you need pictures quickly) and put into a cool MS Publisher flier.  The only thing I forgot to do during my presentation was actually tell people my brother's name, or my husband's name...but I'm sure since my teacher was busy listening to half the class give small presentations, that was overlooked.

I did get back the final answers, the ones I was worried about because I had to write all of the answers out in a sentence.  I got an A on that.  Also, the "interview" that I was so worried about - on that I did fine.  She didn't even need to correct me, except once.  But the ending for where I live is a little abnormal for Russian.  I did feel bad for her when she asked where my grandparents live and I answered "they died."  So when she asked where my parents live, I didn't say the answer's complicated.  My dad died & my mom's remarried and living in Idaho.  I simply said "my mom lives in Idaho."  Yes, the simple answers are often tiresome for me, because I know no one even in Russia, speaks that way, but one learns to talk simply and then moves on to the more challenging sentences.

The last "class" was a blast.  About 2/3 of us met for snacks and a movie during the last class period.  It was a Russian movie with English subtitles.  No, I don't remember which movie it was, but it was older, and quite enjoyable, a comedy and just fun to watch with people I've been spending time with and chatting with over the past few months.

Today I logged in to get my grade - I haven't received anything less than an A-, but for work I do need the actual grade (tuition reimbursement), and online it says "A software defect has been discovered due to a recent upgrade and it must be fixed prior to grades being made available online."  Really?  Wha???  So I must wait until December 20th for my final Final grade. 

Overall, it's been an awesome experience and I am so glad I'm back.  I wish I could take more classes, and I did look at some purely online classes, but at this time I chose to still only do one class at a time.  I do not want to become overwhelmed with classwork, and Russian 102 is going to be more challenging.  What will I do when I need to not just do homework, but also study as well?  Don't want to blow this second chance.

My group is planning on trying to get together over the break to keep up on Russian, or just hang out together.  I'm looking forward to it : - )  Until then, or until I get my Final Grade ~

Oh - I also haven't quite decided yet if this class really has helped or just enhanced my homesickness.  Meeting Dmitri was awesome, but now he's off to university, not just community college.  I might be losing my Czech and accidentally replacing it with Russian just because I'm using the Russian more.  Guess the jury's still out....

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