Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Grade of Russian 101

Finally!  They posted final grades!

As you may have already guessed - yes, I earned an A!  Two weeks ago I sent in my form for tuition reimbursement and have already received the check.  Now that's exciting, it'll help pay for Russian 102, which starts on January 7th (too soon!).

It's hard to believe that break is almost over.  The studying that my group swore we would do has not happened, although we're planning on getting together this next Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) to go over some things.  All of us are sure that our dear teacher from Moscow will not be so gentle with us for the second round.  Personally, I am sure I will actually  need to study this time, and not just do homework.  Yes, I am dreading that a little (okay, more than a little).

You'll be hearing from me again soon - if not soon after our group meeting (which I'm excited about) then definitely the first week of class.  Which, I am excited about and dreading at the same time.  Russian 101 was so easy for me, will I just fold when 102 becomes slightly difficult?

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