Sunday, December 4, 2011

Russian Final Already?

Two minute family presentation and an interview this  I mean, I knew it was coming, but it came so quickly...

Several quick asides -

  • Sadly my study partner had to drop out of class
  • My "B" was turned into an A!
  • My 8 week grade is another A and I even have one less "bad" mark against me!
  • Family presentation (with visual aids) is due Monday
  • Corrections are due Monday
  • Final homework is due Monday
  • Final 16 question "interview" is on Wednesday, yay!
  • Also have to write out the answers to be due on Wednesday
Yes, that is a TON of work, none, really, of which I have started yet, but I can't believe the term is so close to being over.  That, and I've only missed the one class, and I've only turned in that homework "late" everything else has been on time.

Last night a group of us met at a bar, The Green Dragon, to study for the final.  Three of us were definitely going to be there, five of us showed up.  It was actually a blast, I had two glasses of "apple cider beer" "beer" being questionable, but I liked it, ate sausage bites and spoke Russian with my classmates.  Ya' know - I had missed this part of being in school, yes, the studying, but the socialization as well.  Intelligent conversation that went past work to class, to football, to history, to other languages, to....just stuff....

Tonight I need to go home and get my visual aids ready for my two minute family presentation.  Also need to do my last homework and corrections.  I'm lucky; a project that I have due for work was delayed another week, otherwise I'd be in tears right now considering how much work I have ahead of me.  Yet now that it's at least just one subject, I'm okay.  I can do this, and finish this term with a bang.

Oh, and btw, I am signed up for Russian 102!

I'll let you know how finals go!

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  1. You're gonna do awesome on that final, I just know it :)