Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Bad Grade in Russian Class

Finally, I ran into a test I didn’t pass my first try.  Wow, I got through saying that.  It was a verb conjugation test, and let me explain.

So I missed the Wednesday class last week (I only missed one class last term and that was planned, hopefully this was my one missed class, even if it wasn’t planned) and that’s when she announced the test.  I still wasn’t back into the swing of things either, and I hadn’t even done my homework from the class prior.  Over the weekend I got the homework from Wednesday’s class, and the warning that there would be a test on Monday…I dutifully did my homework, and I studied, some.  A little. 

My problem was that I know the words in my mind – I know what they mean when they’re being said and I can conjugate them fine.  Conjugate meaning change the verb form from the infinitive “to write” to “I write, you write, he/she writes” etc.  But can I spell them and can I tell you what they mean in English?  Well…

Monday, I froze.  There were about 14 verbs in English written out and we needed to write the Russian infinitive and then two conjugations (chosen for us) of each.  I remembered partials of almost all of them except for three.  Partials are not enough, and what I was remembering, I was mixing up with Czech – remember in this post when I said that “to write” sounded very similar in Czech and in Russian?  Well, other verbs do as well…and my mind just well, it stopped.

Wednesday, I went to class like normal albeit my morale was a little low.  I’d done my homework, and done it fairly well, but I hadn’t had a chance to really study yet.  Or get my confidence back up, or anything.  One day between classes is not enough when a girl is working full time.  That day I didn’t retake the test, I decided to wait until a full week had passed before trying that beast again. 

And it happened that I retook the test after some study (more than last time) and yesterday I found out that I passed the test this time.  A-.  Yay!  Also – between taking the first test and retaking it, I took a second test.  That test I passed just fine, with an A.  I would tell you more about it, but it gets into a lot of grammar, which could very well make your eyes glaze over.  I got an A on that test, yay!

Yesterday, we learned a new type of verb (many other languages are much more organized than English with their grammar). We’ve learned Type I, and now we learned Type II verbs for conjugating.  More vocabulary = more memorization = more work, but finally, I’m back in the swing of things.

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