Tuesday, April 3, 2012

End of Russian 102 and the "Easy Life"

Okay, I'm going to say this now - hopefully just once so I can get over it already.  It's only been one class and I miss my old teacher - I miss A so much already!

It's not that I don't like our new teacher A2 - let me list her attributes, she has energy....she's new at her job (or is that a bad thing?)  She's completely new to PCC, she's American, this is what, her third teaching job, so she's not jaded yet...I think those are good attributes, right?  Now, I had gotten used to A's voice, so I understood her Russian and A2 uses different vocabulary, her accent's different and she mumbles a bit.  AND - yeah, we went right up until the very end of class, not even receiving our homework assignments until class end had passed.  She didn't explain the partner assignments very well at all - A didn't always either, but A always demonstrated them with us at least once each to make sure we understood.  Also we read through the entire syllabus during class - who does that anymore - and my fears were confirmed - A2 is going to be doing a "points based" grading system.  Suck!

Well, I thought that was the last of it until today when I sat down to do my homework.  Being a normal night student, I had class last night, came home, went to bed.  Worked eight hours today - then come home and relaxed for a minute and then looked at my homework (due tomorrow in class after my eight hour workday).  Umm....you can say I freaked out a bit, even texting H going "wtheck!".  A2 had not only assigned us three homework assignments, which I knew, but wow were they doozies.  Fifteen sentences in the first ex, only seven in the next, but sixteen in the last!  It would have been one thing if I was re-writing existing sentences, but I was supposed to be making the first fifteen sentences from scratch.  So much work my first day back after a very short break - and on the day I only have one day in between classes?  Thanks A2 - way to win me over.

Oh - and this term my final interview is during finals week - suck (A's interviews were always the week before and then the party week of finals, so much nicer).  AND corrections (which yes, we get to correct the little red marks on our homework) are due along with our homework, instead of once every few weeks.  Way to double my work load.  I like the every few weeks turning in Homework #1-5, etc, because then we've had time to go over the chapter we've been working on and really comprehend what we've been doing wrong and get it right this time.

I'm not ready to throw my hands up in despair quite yet, but I do miss my old school, seemingly strict teacher, A quite dearly right about now.

Update you soon.

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