Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grades So Far in Russian Class

Grading in a class that has no midterm can be a bit difficult, but it can be done.

In class on Thursday our teacher gave us what she calls our "four week grades."  At the same time though she called them unrealistic.  She says that because we're only the fourth week in almost everyone has A's and B's, making it sound like she's going easy on everyone.  Just strange to me.

Either way, I'm not worried.  I've gotten no lower than an A- on any of my assignments, including the homework corrects that I turned in and got back yesterday and the alphabet test.  Still don't know how I did on my numbers test, but I'm fairly confident that I only missed one.  My four week grade is an A and I have four areas of improvement - some of which I'm sure are checked on everyone's list:

  • Volunteer at least once a day in class
  • Use the Russian you know in class
  • Not speak English in class or while working in groups
  • Work with a new partner for each activity

Maybe only 1/4 of the class volunteers every class.  And I actually do volunteer at least once, or get volunteered, I just don't for every activity every class.  My strengths outweigh the "to improve your grade" so as long as I keep those up and try to improve some on the above, I should be fine.  My strengths:

  • Good attendance
  • Demonstrating good knowledge of material in class btw how can I do this if I don't volunteer? Well, I guess she also walks around when we're working with partners, but still...
  • Participating actively in small groups
  • Completing your homework on time
  • Completing your homework accurately
  • Completing your corrections on time

Yay me!  Oh wait, I need to keep this up for another few weeks.  My next post, I think, will be maybe a little about my classmates.  Interesting to be sure.  Oh, and an update on how my study session went with my classmate, that'll be fun too!  Until then ~

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