Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not Complaining

I shouldn't complain, and I'm really not complaining, it's just...I'm sooo bored.  Okay, it's not like I know the material and the vocabulary already.  It's just that once it's explained to me the first time, I'm okay, I get it.  well, most of it anyway.  We did plurals the other day, it's so similar to Czech that it's not funny.  I mean, it's not Czech, but she explains it and I'm like "oh, ok."

Today we conjugated nouns.  For example (not that you'll understand the Russian part) Like "to speak"

  • I speak
  • You speak
  • He/she/it speaks
  • We speak
  • They speak
Just in Russian the ending changes ·     говорить
  • я говорю
  • Ты говоришь
  • Вы говорите
  • Она говорит
  • Мы говорим
  • Они говорят
It's just so similar to Czech that it's very easy for me to pick up.  Dmitri, my Czech friend in the class doesn't find it challenging either.  The first case that we learned also - prepositional case, was even easier than Czech to learn!  Now, I don't know it all, and here is why I'm not complaining: I'm glad it's not as difficult as Czech, it's just hard for me that I don't find it challenging.  Either way, I can't win, can I?  Maybe I'm just jealous of Dmitri, he's flying back to Prague a month from today - and then on to Brno.

Maybe someday I'll get to go back...only to have everyone laugh at me because I'm speaking Russian instead of Czech.  

Už jsem zapomněla mou čeština a je to škoda.

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